TOWNSVILLE BUSH POETRY MATES INC is a small group of people interested in Australian Bush Poetry.  We meet generally on the 1st Tuesday of each month, with the emphasis being on reciting and performance of original poetry, and poetry written by others.

Non-members are invited to attend meetings, and encouraged to become members.  We are a non-profit organisation dedicated to encouraging the writing, performance, and education in schools and of the general public of the merits of Australian Bush Poetry.

Our activities include:-

Junior Poetry workshops – in and out of school

Adult Poetry workshops – with resident and invited poets as facilitators

Competitions – both hosting and encouraging our members to take part in competitions held throughout Australia

Performances – members perform by invitation at various group gatherings.

AUSTRALIAN BUSH POETRY may be defined as poetry with rhyme and meter, written by Australians about Australia, its people, places, things, or way of life.  Much of Australia’s culture and heritage is recorded and preserved through bush poetry.  It’s hard to imagine any Australian who could not quote at least a bit of Banjo Paterson’s “Waltzing Matilda”.

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