Coming Events 2016

As events are notified to us we will post them here:-

DATE                  EVENT                                                                                 PLACE

6 April             Matilda Day morning tea, 10.30am                Villa Vincent

22-24 April    Aust Jamboree, Poet’s Breakfast on 24th    Charters Towers

12 June            Carlyle Gardens performances                         Townsville

1-3 July            Bundy Bush Poets Muster                                 Bundaberg

2 July               Dam Fine Rally, poets breakfast                      Ross River Dam

6 Aug               TBPM at Bowen PCYC                                          Bowen

13-14 Aug       Performances at Tomboy’s Ranch                   Hervey Range Road

18 Sept            Heritage Tea Rooms poetry (date TBC)          Hervey Range

Carlyle Gardens Concert Flyer

KEY TO MEMBER PARTICIPANTS:  JC – Janice Cullen, DC – Dot Church, VD – Val Dart,  WF – Bill Flynn, EF – Eileen Flynn,  BF – Brenda Forrest,  BG – Barry Graham,  RG – Rhyl Graham, AK – Ann Krome, DL – Del Luke, ML – Maureen Luke, BM – Bill McClure, JM -Janeen Mapson, JM – Jeanie Miller, BM – Bill Moline, LM – Lyn Moline, RM – Dick Moody, KP – Kathie Priestley, LT – Lyn Tarring,  EW – Estelle Wilson,

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