Next Meeting of The Townsville Bush Poetry Mates.
    Time:  7.00pm
    Place: Aitkenvale Library Meeting Room. All are welcome to attend, especially intending members and visitors to Townsville. This year we are planning a few challenging innovations to give variety and special interest to our monthly meetings.
  • Some Australian bush poet birthdays are listed here:
  • January   Still searching
  • February Banjo Paterson 17/2/1864 – 5/12/1941; Louise Lawson 17/2/1848 – 12/8/1920
  • March       Barcroft Boake 26/3/166 – May 1892; Edward George Dyson March 1865 – 1931
  • April          Henry Kendall 18/4/1839 – 1/8/1882
  • May            Still searching
  • June          Henry Lawson 17/6/1867 – 2/9/1922; George Essex Evans 18/6/1863 – 10/11/1909
  • July           Dorothea McKellar 1/7/1885 – 14/1/1968
  • August      Will Ogilvie 21/8/1969 – 30/1/1963; Mary Gilmore 16/8/1865 – 1962
  • September C.J. Dennis 7/9/1876 – 1938; Mary Hannay Foott 26/9/1846 – 12/10/1918
  • October    Adam Lindsay Gordon 19/10/1833 – 1870; Patrick John Hartigan 13/10/1878 – 27/12/1952
  • November Oodgeroo Noonuccal 13/11/1920 – 16/9/1993
  • December Harry Morant 9/12/1864 – 27/2/1902
  • TUESDAY 19 APRIL 2016, BELLEVUE HOTELAn executive meeting of the committee will be held at the Bellevue Hotel in South Townsville, at 5pm on the third Tuesday of each month.  This will be followed by a meal for those who wish to dine, and then from 7pm we have poetry readings and performances.  The aim is to introduce bush poetry to a wider audience – the beer garden patrons, bless ’em;  to give “walk-ups” the chance to add to the night;  and also to give our club members the chance to perform in a public atmosphere, Bush Ballads and Bull at the Bellevue .This venue has a warm atmosphere and is a great setting for poetry. Many thanks to ‘Mine Hosts’ Wayne and Michelle for allowing us to perform there. We now need to spread the word to get some more bush poetry enthusiasts along and up and performing. Remember it’s okay to read the poems, and bush yarns are also acceptable. As well as some extraordinary verse the grub isn’t half bad either; so be sure to tell all your friends and invite them along for a fun night of yarns and Bush Poetry and fair bit of bull! EVERY THIRD TUESDAY OF THE MONTH.
  • THE MANGO TREE – a great place to be
    A small group of Bush Poets meet at the MANGO TREE BOOKSHOP in Anne St Aitkenvale, just around the corner from Ross River Road on the first Saturday after the monthly Tuesday night meeting from 2:00 -3:30pm. The group recite/read poetry over a cup of coffee. Great company and a great atmosphere! Come along and join in or just relax and have a cuppa and listen.



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