Results 2014



Words fail to adequately describe the great success of the Bundy Bush Muster held 3rd to 6th July, 2014 at Across the Waves in Bundaberg.  A vast range of talent was displayed and the weekend certainly ensured that Bush Poetry is alive and well.

The hard working Bundaberg Committee planned this event with great expertise; the event began with a workshop on writing and performing Bush Poetry by the infamous Greg North. Greg went through the essence of writing poetry in minute detail from: ‘What is a syllable?’ to mid line rhymes, metre and everything in between. Greg used some well-known traditional poems as well as some modern verse to demonstrate these concepts.  A very informative session and Greg put to bed once and for all the argument about how many syllables there are in certain words like ‘hear’ or ‘ear’ – one or two? Well Greg maintains it is all in the way we pronounce the word and the poem being recited as well as the Aussie vernacular; kind of like a half each way bet really.

Our ‘Mates’ from Townsville gave excellent performances and did us proud with all renditions. The judges, Greg North, Bob Magor and Noel Stallard did a sterling job in their judging roles and provided all with good sound advice on easily interpreted criteria sheets. Their concert on Saturday just ‘blew one’s mind’. Some members, who shall remain nameless, were heard laughing miles away. What a great night of Bush poetry!

Competition was fierce, particularly in the Open Section; such a plethora of talent! Those who attended came away exhausted yet energized to continue their pursuit of perfect bush verse.

The TBPMs took out eight places in the Novice and Intermediate Sections with Maureen getting a first, second and a third in the novice. Great work Maureen!  Del Luke received two firsts and a third; congratulations Del with Dot Church who finished with a first and a third. Both these were in the Intermediate Section.

Great performances were given by our members in the Open Section in particular Barry Graham’s rendition of The Swagman’s Rest with very solid performances in his other two poems. Eileen Flynn gave excellent performances in all three events; her performance of Beware the Kindergarten was exceptional! Janeen also stepped up to the mark and gave an excellent recital of Scots of the Riverina; as well as doing justice to her other two poems.

As stated before the competition in the Open Section, in particular, was of a very high standard but TBPMs were there in full force.

Thanks again to the Bundaberg Poets for all their hard work and in making our group feel so welcome – we’ll be back!


OPEN TRADITIONAL – Male (10 entries)
Maurie Foun “Flame” C.J. Dennis 1st
Ralph Scrivens “In the Droving Days” Banjo 2nd
Barry Ellem “Why Doherty Died” T.E. Spencer 3rd

OPEN TRADITIONAL – Female (11 entries)
Jennifer Haig “Taking His Chance” H Lawson 1st
Pam Fox “The Grimble and the Gnad” CJ Dennis 2nd
Rhonda Tallnash “Wheat” CJ Dennis 3rd

OPEN MODERN – Male (10 entries)

Ralph Scrivens “Turbulence” Murray Harten 1st

Barry Tiffen “I’m Sorry, Maury” Kym Eitel 2nd

Maurie Foun “The Band played Waltzing Matilda” Eric Bogle 3rd

OPEN MODERN – Female (11 entries)
Rhonda Tallnash “Swingers” Bill Kearns 1st
Jennifer Haig “Mrs. Joseph Brown is Blessed” Cheryl Ledger 2nd
Pam Fox “Ballad of Pedling Pete” Bill Kearns 3rd

OPEN ORIGINAL –Male (10 entries)
Barry Tiffen “Tell Him He’s Dreamin’” 1st
Ralph Scrivens “Along The Road” 2nd
Lynden Baxter “The Soldier’s Song” 3rd
OPEN ORIGINAL – Female (11 entries)
Rhonda Tallnash “The 3am Demise” 1st
Sue Pearce “Love You Daddy” 2nd
Jennifer Haig “Diamonds in the Dust” 3rd


Del Luke “St. Peter” H Lawson 1st
John Pampling “My Country” Dorothea McKellar 2nd
Dot Church “Lost” Banjo 3rd

Del Luke “Children of the West” Anne Matthews 1st
Trevor Stewart “Cattle Dog’s Revenge” Jack Drake 2nd
John Pampling “Down Boy” Col Wilson 3rd

Dot Church “If Only I Had Known” 1st
John Pampling “Shopping Daze” 2nd
Del Luke “Walk in My Shoes” 3rd

Tom McIlveen “Doreen” CJ Dennis 1st
Shelley Hanson “Why the Jackass Laughs” Banjo 2nd
Maureen Luke “Song of the Shingle Splitters” Henry Kendall 3rd

NOVICE MODERN (4 entries)
Maureen Luke “Just a Common Soldier” A. Lawrence Vaincourt 1st
Tom McIlveen “Father’s Prayer” David Campbell 2nd
Rod Hansen “The Quest” Shelley Hanson 3rd

Shelley Hanson “Jumbuck Drama Club” 1st
Maureen Luke “As It Happened” 2nd
Trevor Stuart “Springtime in My Childhood” 3rd
DUOS (10 entries)
David Kithchen/Rhonda Tallnash “The Will” Bobby Miller
Jacque Warnock/Max Pringle “Distant Dialogue” Ron ??
Cay/Barry Ellem “In The Pontif’s Eyes” ?? Marshall  1st
Lyn/Jim Kennedy “Early Morning Golfer” Original
Rod/Shelley Hanson “Chanel No. 5” Shelley Hanson
Tom McIlveen/Maurie Foun “Band Played Waltzing matilda” Guitar and singing
Leo Swain/Tracey Smith “Marital Bliss” Tracey Smith
John/Lesley Pampling “Granny and the Pill” ???
Sandi Lees/Lesley Weir “Mothers and Sons” Milton Taylor
John Best/ Tricia Anderson “The Interflora Bloke”


L-R:- Eileen Flynn, Barry Graham, Janeen Mapsen, Dot Church, Del Luke, Maureen Luke, Rhyl Graham




Barry Graham has the audience in his hands

Barry Graham has the audience in his hands

2013 QUEENSLAND BUSH POETRY CHAMPIONSHIPS WRITTEN COMPETITION RESULTS Judged by Glenny Palmer: First: “Eulogy” by David Campbell, Beaumark, Victoria Second: “Alone” by Pauline Haggith, via Alice Springs, Northern Territory Third: “Master of Light” by Shelley Hansen, Maryborough, Queensland Very Highly Commended: “The Riders” by Mal Beveridge, Braken Ridge, Queensland Highly Commended: “Swagman” by Warren Cox, Bellbowrie, Queensland Commended: “Where the Dreaming Wind Might Blow” by David Campbell, Beaumark, Victoria 2013 OPEN BUSH POETRY CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS Open Bush Poetry Champion Kathie Priestley, Townsville, Queensland Female Aggregate:Kathie Priestley Smaller (640x480) Kathie Priestley, Townsville, Queensland Male Aggregate: Barry Graham, Townsville, Queensland. Barry Graham performing Open Traditional Female: First: Kathie Priestley, Townsville, Queensland “The Glass on the Bar” by Henry Lawson Second: Lyn Tarring, Townsville, Queensland “The Light on the Wreck” by Henry Lawson       IMG_4190 (480x640) Third: Eileen Flynn, Townsville, Queensland “The Old Whim Horse” by Edward George Dyson. Eileen with Johnny Best Open Modern Female: First: Eileen Flynn, Townsville, Queensland “Smoke on the Water” by Bob Magor. Second: Kathie Priestley, Townsville, Queensland “The Cross on the Hill” by Barry Anderson. Third: Wendy Oss, Townsville Queensland “The Heartbeat of Australia” by Neil McArthur. Wendy & Johnny Best Good one       Open Original Serious Female: First: Janeen Mapson, Townsville, Queensland “Heaven Can Wait” Second: Wendy Oss, Townsville, Queensland “Poison” Third: Eileen Flynn, Townsville, Queensland “Lockyer Valley 2011” Open Original Humorous Female First: Kathie Priestley, Townsville, Queensland “The Body Snatchers” Second: Eileen Flynn, Townsville, Queensland “You Just Can’t Win” Third: Janeen Mapson, Townsville, Queensland “Croc in the River” Open Traditional Male: First: Bill McClure, Caldwell, Queensland “Not Too Bad” by TE Spencer Second: Kevin Dean, Strathpine, Queensland “Boko” by Julian Stewart Third: Barry Graham, Townsville, Queensland “The Ballad of Gilbey’s Pub” by Dud Mills Open Modern Male: First: Kevin Dean, Strathpine, Queensland “Hey Banjo Have You Heard Mate” by Denis Kevans Second: Barry Graham, Townsville, Queensland “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda” by Eric Bogle Third: Bill McClure, Caldwell, Queensland “Dancing with the Hippies” by Don Lloyd Open Original Serious Male: First: Kevin Dean, Strathpine, Queensland “Questions from the Grave” Second: Barry Graham, Townsville, Queensland “The Way It Is” Third: Jim Kennedy, Carseldine Queensland “One Silent Night”   Open Original Humorous Male: First: Barry Graham, Townsville, Queensland “My Impromptu Barbecue” Second: Kevin Dean, Strathpine, Queensland “A First Time for Everything” Novice Traditional: First: Joan Twine, Townsville, Queensland “The Shame of Going Back” by Henry Lawson Second: Maureen Luke, Townsville, Queensland “La-De-Da Lane” by CJ Dennis Third: Ian McDonald, Eulo, Queensland “The Stranger” by Carmel McLaughlin Novice Modern: First: Brenda Forrest, Townsville Queensland “Friendship” Anonymous Second: Joan Twine, Townsville, Queensland “A Hand in Ochre” by Neroli Roberts Third: Maureen Luke, Townsville, Queensland “The Hundred Miler” by Michael Barker Novice Original: First: Ann Krome, Townsville Queensland “Bulldust and Drought” Second: Richard Moody, Townsville Queensland “Pan Pacific Games” Third: Brenda Forrest, Townsville Queensland “Our Country” Under 13 Humorous: First: Jae-Ho Park, Townsville Queensland “Nothing” by Barbara Giles Equal Second: Seiko Burnside; “The Polished Cockroach” by Dora Friendship Jackson Moline: “Mulga Bill’s Bicycle” by AB Paterson and Jeong-Oh Park, “Please Don’t Call Me a Kola Bear” by Don Spencer, all from Townsville, Queensland Third: Jett Priestley, Townsville, Queensland “A Balanced Meal” by Carmel Randle DSCF0554 Under 13 Serious: Equal First: Seiko Burnside; “Spring Morning” by Max Burnside and Jae-Ho Park; “The Drovers” by CJ Dennisboth from Townsville, Queensland Second: Jeong-Oh Park, Townsville, Queensland “Snake” by Ian Moodie Third: Charlie Priestley, Townsville, Queensland “Old Ways” by Carmel Randle Over 13 Aggregate: First: Gun-Ho Jang, Townsville, Queensland Serious – “Green and Gold Malaria” by Rupert McCall Humorous – Letters” by Michael Duggan Original – “A Carbon Copy” Second: Brook Jurss, Charters Towers, Queensland Serious – “Portrait of a Bushman” by Dale Leard Humorous – “The Great Australian Emblem” by Ann Ellis Original – “Inland Tsunami” Open Duo: John and Carmel Lloyd, Calen, Queensland “Our Bedtime Prayer” by John Lloyd Yarn Spinning: Janeen Mapson, Townsville, Queensland “Mrs Campbell’s Cow” Tug-‘O’-Words: Glenny Palmer, Theodore, Queensland

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